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A performance of poems, richly illustrated with famous paintings.

Art from six centuries brought dramatically to life through the imagined voices of the artists and the figures in their pictures. Hear the thoughts of a trio of disdainful goddesses, a couple of WWI veterans (one British, one German), a woman hurrying to meet her lover in 19th century Paris, the bewildered wife of a medieval Italian merchant and a modern couple falling out over a picture in a gallery.

Details of the performance at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe

I’m taking Out of the Frame on the road. After a dozen Zoom performances, most recently for Village of Kensington (a network of neighbours in Maryland, USA), I directed a live performance in Monmouth for Art Friends Gwent with the help of two talented readers. The poems will be performed at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe on the 22st June 2023.

Praise from my recent audience at Villages of Kensington (a supportive, diverse, intergenerational network of neighbours in Maryland USA):

“What a wonderful presentation. Thank you for enriching our lives” (Jennifer)
“Fabulous!” (Mike)
“A sophisticated artistic adventure” (Mary-Margaret)
“So creative” (Sharon)
“Still feeling transported. I’m basking in the gratitude of the group” (Judie, event organizer)