book-of-air1We watched the strange eruptions of emptiness and silence, and the sudden gatherings of awestruck onlookers, little pockets of order, as one after another succumbed to the condition’s strangest symptom.

‘The blessing,’ I said, holding your hand at the window when the news first began to break. ‘They’re calling it the blessing.’
‘Why this singing, though, this drawing, this construction of strange objects?’
‘I don’t know. Maybe because it’s our deepest instinct – to make meaning.’
‘Even when there is no meaning?’
‘Especially then.’ And I felt the terror in your grip.

And who was I in all this? An onlooker from a high window, a nurse, a reader of Jane Eyre. A scavenger when it became necessary. A looter and barterer. A dodger of military bullets and a street fighter when I couldn’t avoid it. A shit-dumper and a grunting water carrier.

Can it really have been like this, or is it just the way I’ve reconfigured it, stretched out as I am, with my brain’s wiring still scrambled from the sickness? Could I have lived through this and still be sane?


Treasure writes with fluency and pace and his characters are flawed and believable… and what an appropriate name for a writer who has written a book I’ll treasure.” –  Book Lovers’ Booklist

The Book of air is a compelling, character driven tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic future. Beautifully paced, it weaves between Jason’s life in a society imploding in on itself when a deadly virus kills millions and Agnes’s in a community regenerating from the ruins.” It will “draw you in and take you on a journey of discovery, while championing the power of the individual to fight against cruelty and oppression” – BooksAreMyCwtches

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Its strength lies in the acutely realised and believable relationship between David and Rebecca…’ (Guardian)

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