As an editor, my clients have included people who needed help fulfilling an ambition to write a memoir, and authors whose books merely needed a rigorous editorial eye. I have the flexibility to tailor the level of editing to the client’s need, from tidying up details of grammar and expression to wholesale restructuring.
‘I am an experienced writer myself but having Joe work as copy editor on my book Job Interview Success was nothing but pleasure. He spotted the mistakes that I was too close to the manuscript to see and was tactful and sensitive in how he discussed them with me. Altogether it was a much better book for his work on it.’
Jenny Rogers
‘Joe does magic with words.  English is my second language and I wanted to make sure that my work would convey precisely what I was trying to communicate. Not only Joe helped me with editing and getting the grammar right, but more often than not, he was able to express it even better than what I could have done in my native language – a real treat.  I recommend him with no hesitation.’
Sabine Menon
Joe has the priceless asset as an editor of wanting to understand exactly what the author wants to express, then helping them express what they want in the best possible way.’
Phil Hayes, author of Leading and Coaching Teams to Success